About Us


To provide truly European Standards of lifestyle products at best possible price.


To bring the trend of Swiss fashion through a network of retailers worldwide.


Our Designs

The Collection of Swiss Soldiers comfort wear and fashion accessories are specially designed through exclusive partnership with designers and talents from the world's best known fashion enthusiasts.

The collections are expresses with true European style and quality standards.


Supply chain & operations

We source our fabric from one of the best-known manufacturers to ensure checking the levels of noxious chemical substances present in garment. The entire production line produces products that are minimal human touch.

Supply chain is managed through a network of international service providers and distributed to network of stores.

Swiss Soldiers has set tight code of conduct which provides point to point. Company audits are carried out by internal and external team. We follow best environmental practices.

We believe in respecting the workers and the mother nature as socially responsible policy.

While bringing our brand to the consumers we are more attentive towards the sensitivity of our consumers trust.